Dear friends, I'm working on the small ethnic collection. Estimate release date is the beginning of October.

Free shipping worldwide. Dear friends, please keep in mind that post services in most of the countries now may work slower than usually due to pandemic, this is especially true for Canada, Australia and New Zealand! That means the shipping may take longer time than before. But if you want, I can send your order with express delivery. Please don't hesitate to ask me for any questions about shipping!


Hello there!

My name is Maria Kovaleva, I'm a handmade jewelry designer since 2013 and founder of Witchy Vision jewelry project.
The main idea of Witchy Vision is finding the way to yourself for each of us. Realising who you are and where is your roots. Breaking through the patterns forced by society and media, and figuring out your own personality. Each of us is unique and has its own power - no need to hide it or afraid of it.

I make the Witchy Vision jewelry for strong personalities, who don't afraid to show the true essence. Almost all of my jewelry are single copy, without repeating.
Main sources of my inspiration are:

  • the Nature, so I use only natural materials in my jewelry and don't use any kind of plastic at all. I believe in power of gems and crystals and use them widely. Some of my jewelry are metal free.
  • ancient legends and pagan beliefs. I respect the legacy of our ancestors and time to time I make jewelry dedicated to some old gods, deities, legendary creatures or pagan celebrations.
  • witchy aesthetic. I consider witches not as evil creatures but as wise women who knows the nature of the things. Big part of my jewelry is made for witches with all the respect of them. Some of jewelry can be used as helping tool for spells or protection amulet.

Sometimes in my jewelry I use natural fur, leather or animal bones. I am totally against the killing animals for fashion industry. All of the fur and leather I use are usually the small pieces of old fur coats, collars, bags etc - things that other people consider as waste. I think it's better to reuse this things and give them a second life in jewelry than just throw them away.

I use only the best materials I'm sure in - that's why I give a lifetime warranty for all my jewelry.

Hope you will be enjoyed with the jewelry from me, and I'll be more than grateful to get your feedback!