Dear friends, I'm working on the small ethnic collection. Estimate release date is the beginning of October.

Free shipping worldwide. Dear friends, please keep in mind that post services in most of the countries now may work slower than usually due to pandemic, this is especially true for Canada, Australia and New Zealand! That means the shipping may take longer time than before. But if you want, I can send your order with express delivery. Please don't hesitate to ask me for any questions about shipping!

Terms and conditions

I ship worldwide by international airmail. Delivery takes 2-3 weeks to the most of the countries. Shipping to Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa and China may take longer, up to 6 weeks.
Each necklace is handled with care and made sure that the packaging is keeping the product safe on its long journey to you.
If the product is broken upon arrival, please contact me immediately with pictures of the defect.

Base currency of the website is USD, any prices in other currency is approximetly calculation and will automatically be converted to the U.S. Dollars when paying via PayPal.

I give lifetime warranty for all of my jewelry items. This means that in the case of unintentional damage of the product during you use it and upon condition of following all the care tips I repair it for free (exept of broken gems/crystals). In this case you pay for shipping to me and back only.

Here is some easy tips to caring for the jewelry:

  1. My jewelry contains genuine and delicate materials. Some of them could be better to keep away from water or chemical liquids. It doesn't matter if jewelry get rained on - just let it dry. But keep it in dry place to prevent damp.
  2. It'd better store the jewelry away from straight sun rays to prevent discolourment.
  3. Please try to avoid contacts with sea water, and do not wear the jewelry during the sports. Take off the jewelry before taking a shower or visiting swimming pool. It helps to prevent corrosion of metal elements.
  4. Keep the jewelry in certain box to avoid damaging. Please don't drop your jewelry! Crystals and gemstones can be broken by the contact with hard surface.
  5. My jewelry has a full-time warranty in case you followed all the points.