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Águas de Março (Waters of March)


This necklace was inspired by the song "Aguas de Março" by Elis Regina & Tom Jobim, 1974. And as the name suggests, the necklace is dedicated to her majesty Spring, when the ice is melting and all the rivers and streams are joyfully carring their sparkling blue waters.

Making this necklace, I tried to capture the spring mood of renewing and fresh energy of running stream, which washes out all the trash and leftovers with the clear blue water. So I dared to combine an extremely beautiful Fluorite with hand-dyed cotton and silk leftovers, hemp cords, driftwood and some pebbles from the mountain river. Chain fringe with the small glass drops slightly tinkles while walking.

Back side is genuine leather. Heigth of the necklace is 3,5 inches (9 cm) without chain fringe. Length is adjustable due to extra chain.

March, 2020

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