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Battle Druid


"He's well-versed both in weapons and protective witchcraft"

Ægishjálmur, or Helm of Awe, is ancient Norse pagan symbol which gives protection, brings victory in the battle and makes enemies run in fear. According to ancient beliefs, the Helm of Awe does not only gives physical protection but also spiritual and mental strength to conquer one’s own fear. But you should know that you need to feel a connection with this amulet before wear it. It's said that Helm of Awe works better if it's marked with his owner's blood or spit. And you also should activate it with the spell:

I bear the helm of awe
between my brows!

This necklace associates with Druids because its connected with nature and nature magic due to Oak elements. Oak is known as the king of trees, sacred tree of all pagans and witches, symbolyzing prosperity, protection and strength. Central element of the necklace is made of oak, and on either side of it are two real oak leaves, electroformed with copper. Leaves are adorned with Tiger's eye beads, other beads are ceramics and carved bone. Arrowhead is hand-carved of Jasper. Wooden twig is Heather, gathered in Ireland.

This necklace is metal-free, except of oak leaves; ties are made of cotton, hemp, faux suede and paper cords.
Length is adjustable.

May, 2019

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