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The Keeper of keys. The Gatherer of bones. The one who has a Knowledge.
Meet the woman preparing for her last transition. The days of her autumn are full of peace, harmony and wisdom. A half of her wisdom comes from her entire life - it's her savings, her real wealth. The other half comes from the world beyond - because she's closer than ever to the edge. She dares to look into the abyss.
Her face is covered with wrinkles, hair is silver and her fingers look like the roots of old tree. But does she ugly? I say no. Her body and arms gave life and raised many beautiful creations. Each wrinkle is a sign of happiness or grief, because joy and sorrow intertwined in her life creating a harmony of living. Power, wisdom and gratitude are in her face, how can it be ugly?

The Crone necklace is made in mixed techniques. It contains:

  • Ammonite fossil as the symbol of Time spiral
  • author's ceramic face mask
  • bone from the forest
  • bunch of keys metal pendant
  • Dzi agate, obsidian and coral beads
  • Czech glass beads, Japanese seed beads
Base is made of cotton fabric leftovers. Back side is faux suede.

Height of the central part is about 6,5 inches (16,5 cm) including the roots. Length is adjustable due to an extra chain.

July, 2021

Out of stock

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