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Crow witch jewelry with Morion Quartz crystal


Unusual and very lightweight witch jewelry with crow skull and feathers and black Morion quartz.

Crow witch necklace is made in the shape of black branches with a kind of dreamcatcher between them. Skull of the raven, as well as feet is 3D printed and electroformed with silver, so no one raven has died for this necklace (but feathers are natural raven's). Despite this technological solution, crow skull is still remains very strong symbol.

Ties and branches are made of felted wool, and branches have a wired frame to hold their shape.

Black smoke quartz, or otherwise, Morion quartz, is the one of the mightiest gems. There is talk that only a strong witch could use morion as a tool. Morion has a strong connection with the underworld, and there are some methods you can keep connection with some of your died relatives through the use of Black Quartz. It is also very good tool for healing spells.

Besides of the practice witchcraft, this black raven necklace could be quite wearable for celebration of Samhain or Halloween or just for any gothic outfit.

October, 2018

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