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First Contact


This bead embroidered ethnic necklace was made by intuition, with no sketches - I invented the design "on the fly". A kind of visionary work :) I got inspiration from Mongolian, Tibetan and Yakut traditional jewelry. Another inspiring part was an author's ceramic element which I used in the top part. It looks like a petroglyph depiction of a spaceship that could be painted in ancient time by our ancestors - imagine if they met the spaceship! - that's why I called this necklace "The first contact".

The necklace contains:

  • beautiful Jasper cabochon of unusual cut shape
  • author's ceramic cabochon
  • Obsidian and nephrite beads
  • Czech glass beads, Japanese seed beads
This necklace is completely metal free with no clasp. Back side is genuine leather.

Heigth of the pendant is about 6 inches (15 cm) including beaded fringe. Length of suspension is 12,5 inches (30 cm) from the neck to embroidered part

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