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Golden Fall


This necklace was inspired by one of the most beautiful time of the year: the middle of Autumn. So called Golden autumn lasts in my country from the end of September till the middle of October. Oaks, maples, poplars and other broad-leaved trees become yellow, orange and red - it's like a firestorm of falling leaves! In these days, forest is the most magical place in the world and I never miss any chance to walk there!

The Golden Fall necklace contains:

  • beautiful Jasper cabochon
  • real oak leaves electroformed with copper
  • author's bronze castings and Carnelian beads for acorns
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Czech glass beads, Japanese seed beads
Back side is genuine leather. Two leather cords for the base

Heigth of the pendant is 3 inches (7,5 cm). Length of the necklace is adjustable due to extra chain.

NOTE: one of the oak leaves has a thin crack. It's firmed well with a transparent epoxy, and you may never see it - but I should warn you anyway. This is why the price for this necklace is reduced. I'm completely sure that it won't break again and give a lifetime warranty for this piece (as well as for any of my pieces).

October, 2020

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