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Harvest Moon witch necklace


I called my new necklace "Harvest Moon" - it's the name of the full moon, closest to Mabon. This witch jewelry is full of symbols. I chose the form of crescent moon, or Lunula, because crescent moon is well-known ancient pagan symbol of fertility, it generally associates with the Goddess.

At the center of the Moon I put the Red Jasper cabochone with some kind of eye. I've deliberately chosen this gem among others because such eye pattern considers as Evil Eye amulet, it gives protection to its owner.

I've used much woolen thread in the embroidery for getting of warm and cozy texture.
Bead embroidered spyrals at the both horns of the Moon are the old pagan symbols of Life.
I also added Carnelian bead above the Moon and two pieces of natural Amber at the both sides.
Small gold-colored bells are melodically tinkling, according to some old legends this jingle is warding evil spirits off. In many cultures women attached the bells on their clothes.

The necklace has adjustable length because of ties, you can tie a knot in any length. Ties are felted of wool and hand-dyed with the oak bark and onion skins.

Necklace is made in fall colors, it perfectly matchs for Autumn Equinox selebration costume or for any traditional autumn outfit.

September, 2018

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