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First necklace of the "Herbalist" collection

She's a kind of shaman, but her spirit guides are herbal spirits. Gathering herbs, she talks to them as old friends. A week before the Summer Solstice, she takes her bag, her bone sickle and bit of suppliies - and leaves her home. Walking many miles a day, she looks for rare healing herbs, taking break only for a night. You can see her campfire and hear the sounds of her jaw harp somewhere in the meadows, under the summer moon.

The Herbalist is textile necklace with hand embroidered herbal pattern. It contains:

  • beautiful orange Labradorite
  • Serpentine bead
  • real juniper leaf, electroformed with copper
  • ceramics, wooden and Czech glass beads
  • Japanese TOHO seed beads
  • hemp, paper, woolen and faux leather cords
  • fabrics are 100% linen and cotton.

Four small brass bells make silent tinkle while walking.

There's no clasp, but length is still adjustable due to leather slider.
Size of embroidered part is 5 x 2,25 inches (13 x 6 cm).

May, 2019

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