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Lavender Moon amethyst witch necklace


Triple Moon necklace in lilac and white colours. I find this colour combination very feminine and mysteriouse, just like the Moon herself. Lilac colour always associates with lavender for me - that's why I called this necklace Lavender Moon. And I also used a little bit of lavender oil to aromatize a wool base of the necklace

As you may know, the Triple Moon is one of the most recognisable pagan and wiccan symbols. It associates with the Triple Goddess - the Divine Feminine as Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the Moon in her waxing, full, and waning phases. So the Triple Moon symbolises all the aspects of female Power united: intuition and psychic insight, creative energy, wisdom and mystery.

About the crystals, in this necklace I used beautiful Amethyst cabochon, Clear Quartz crystal and Hematite star beads. Central moon is bead embroidery, made with Japanese TOHO beads and a lot of Swarovski crystals.

Base is made of felted merino wool. Back side of the embroidered part is faux leather of white colour.

Size of the necklace is about 4x4 inches in max dimensions. Length is adjustable.

March, 2019

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