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Mabon Witch necklace


What is this necklace about?

I made the Mabon witch necklace in warm colors, inspired by early fall. The magic time when the sky is clear, the earth is covered by beautiful fallen leaves and the air is full of smells of apples and bonfires. Harvest season is over, and peoples going to celebrate it with apple pies and young wine. Days are still warm, but in the morning a weil of fog covers the earth and first freezing is near. It's the time of Autumn Equinox and the borders between Day and Night, Summer and Winter, Life and Death are so thin... Time of equilibrium.

My Autumn Equinox witch necklace consists of special items which are symbolic for Mabon and may take part into Mabon rituals:

  • beautiful Jasper gemstone in autumn colors (green as Summer, orange as Fall and white as Winter - i guess this gem is really unique!). Jasper is beaded with amber and honey warm colours.
  • autumn leaf pendant made of translucent Carnelian
  • little bottle with Oak bark. As known, the Oak is sacral tree of Mabon
  • an old key
  • cinnamon stick with its warm smell
  • aspen leaf, electroformed with copper
  • anise star
  • raw amber beads
  • bone beads of black and white colours, as symbol of Equinox
  • wooden beads
All the items are mounted to the two ties, one is felted of sheep wool, and another is cotton, hand-dyed with oak bark. You can adjust the length of necklace by tying a knot at required level. Back side of the embroidery is covered with genuine leather.

This witch jewelry perfectly fits for celebration of the Autumn Equinox among your friends.

August, 2018

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