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Mistletoe Maiden necklace


Mistletoe had a great significance for many ancient cultures. Celtic druids considered evergreen Mistletoe as a most sacred plant, associated with the Sun god, Taranus. It was thought to ward off evil, restore health and bestow fertility. Mistletoe stays green throughout the winter even though the hosting tree seems “dead” - which make it a symbol of new life and immortality.
Mistletoe is one of the symbols of Yule festival, which has been transformed into Christmas by christianity. In Middle Ages, church banned mistletoe due to its association with fertility - as a substitute, holly was suggested.
My Mistletoe maiden is nameless mage woman, wild and self-willed, independent, cheerful and loving life. She protects her owner from bad vibes, despondency and negative influence.

Mistletoe maiden necklace contains:

  • author's ceramics woman mask
  • Diopside cabochon, looking almost black at the front, but splashing with bright green sparkles at different angles
  • real Mistletoe leaf, electroformed with copper, with Cat's eye bead as a berry
  • genuine pearls, mother-of-pearl and chrysolite beads
  • stampwork leaves
  • japanese TOHO seed beads
Leaves are flexible and keep their shape due to wire wrap. Back side is genuine leather.

Size of the necklace is is 4.5 x 3,5 inches (12 x 9 cm) in max dimensions, including the mistletoe pendant.
Length is adjustable due to extra chain.

December, 2019

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