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Mother Moose


This necklace is dedicated to big, mighty and kind mistress of the northern woods, a moose cow. Some of Siberian tribes like nganasans consider the moose cow as Universe, eternal source of life. According to their beliefs, all the people, animals and other live beings live on the back of Moose Cow, she's the same as Mother Earth for them. Trees and other plants are just her wool, birds, animals and people themselves are simple insects living in her fur.
I find this really really inspiring!

Mother Moose necklace contains:

  • Seraphinite cabochon
  • author's ceramic cabochon with the depiction of moose cow
  • Clear quartz crystal
  • real bone of wild animal, probably fox, I found in the forest. Disinfected, bleached and covered with a transparent mat polish
  • Moss agate, amazonite, serpentine and ceramic beads
  • Czech glass beads, Japanese seed beads
Base is made of linen and cotton fabrics leftoves, cotton and linen cords. Back side is genuine suede.

Heigth of the embroidered part is about 3,5 inches (9 cm), with fringe - 6 inches (15 cm).

March, 2021

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