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Mugwort herb protection amulet necklace


Mugwort (as known as Sagebrush, Artemisia or White Sage) is well-known for its purifying and protective properties. Peoples used to smoke their homes with mugwort to clean them and protect from evil spirits. It also encourages inner strength, bring pleasant thoughts and relieve headaches and anxiety.

I made this unusual witch necklace with natural leaves of mugwort and poplar branches, electroformed with copper. There are also natural Labradorite and Jasper gemstones, an old key, and mugwort leaves in the bottle. Ties are made of dressed bast fiber, cotton lace, linen and suede ropes. Cotton lace and rope are hand-dyed with mugwort leaves and oak bark, so this necklace has a nice herbal smell.

As you can see, this handmade necklace consists of only natural materials, I could say that it's super eco friendly.

I consider this natural jewelry as witch jewelry because each element of the necklace has its meaning and power; and you can also add your own elements here. Powerful properties of mugwort make this necklace a protection amulet.

Single copy, without repeats!

July, 2018

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