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Northern Sun


This necklace was inspired by the northern nature. Tundra, the endless cold desert where are only snow and stones to the horizon. Sun is also not bright but pale, weakly shines through the snow haze.

The main gemstone of this necklace is a rare mix of phlogopite and apatite from the Kola Peninsula. Dark parts (phlogopite) are amazingly sparkling and shimmering at different angles. It's powerful, severe but very beautiful gem, as the North itself.
The Northern Sun necklace also contains:

  • Fossilized coral cabochon as a Sun
  • Labradorite bead
  • brass beads and figures of mooses
  • Czech glass beads, Japanese seed beads
Back side is genuine suede.

Heigth of the embroidered part is about 3,25 inches (8 cm).

February, 2021

Out of stock
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