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Autumn Oak witch necklace


Autumn Oak witch necklace with Jasper and real Oak leaf, electroformed with copper.

This necklace is third and the last from my autumn witch jewelry series of 2018 year. Oak witch necklace is dedicated to the late autumn when the last leaves are falling from the trees. And it's also about the mightiest tree - the gorgeous Oak. Oak is the king of trees, sacred tree of all pagans and witches.

The center of my Oak witch necklace is beautiful natural Jasper cabochon in autumn colours. I've kept this unique gem for such autumn-filled nature jewelry. Pattern of the gemstone associates for me with autumn trees bending by the rough wind.

Here is also the natural oak leaf, electroformed with copper, as well as poplar branch. Small acorn is brass casting with the carnelian bead. I used copper chains with glass and copper leaves for fringe, same leaves are at the top of necklace. Base and ties are made of cotton, linen and bagging; cotton ties are hand-dyed with oak bark.

Full lenght of ties is 70 cm.

Single copy, without repeats.

September, 2018

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