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We're all children of Gaya: Nature is our home, forest is our temple. Every time we feel tired of big city, exausted by grey concrete and traffic noise - we run into the wild. Soft green grass embraces our feet, leaf rustle cures our stress, birds songs calm our pain. Soul finds here harmony and peace. No matter what country we live - our roots are here.

Roots is a statement necklace, one of the biggest I've ever made. As almost all of my necklaces, it doesn't contain any glue or plastic. Base is completely felted from wool and adorned with fabrics leftovers, cotton cords, yarn and raffia. It also contains:

  • gorgeous Smoke quartz crystal, electroformed by Ashley (Copper Ashes)
  • real Oak leaves, electroformed by me
  • Serpentine cabochon
  • Serpentine, glass and bone beads
  • author's brass castings (mushroom)
  • heather twig

Heigth of the pendant from the twig to crystal is 5 inches (13 cm). Full length from the clasp to the ends of ties is 20 inches (50 cm), adjustable due to extra chain.

July, 2020

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