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Shaman's song pouch necklace


Shaman plays his guimbarde and sings a song. The song rolls out, telling about Earth, Sun and Moon, about Upper and Lower worlds, and sacred tree, connecting them. Shaman beats tambourine, sings throat singing, dancing like a huge bird - he isn't out here, and spirits talk to him.

This necklace is a small pouch at the same time. I imagine it used for carring a guimbarde, or jaw harp - but it also can be used for anything small and important for you.

Shaman's song pouch necklace contains:

  • author's ceramics face mask
  • Jasper cabochone
  • real Oak leaf, electroformed with copper
  • brass beads with solar pattern
  • Carnelian and wooden beads
  • small brass bells, which are tinkling during the walk
  • Japanese and Czech seed beads
Pouch is made of linen and bagging. Back side has a flap.

Size of the pouch is about 4,5*2,25 inches (12*6 cm) without fringe. Length is adjustable.

August, 2019

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