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Swamp witch statement embroidered necklace with Swarovski crystals


Swamp witch statement embroidered necklace with Swarovski crystals

This statement witchy necklace is exclusive wearable piece of art, made in techniques of embroidery, beadwork and bead embriodery.Not an everyday accessory, but it can perfectly complete your fantasy dress for photosession, fancy-dress party or any special event.

The necklace contains:

  • a lot of Swarovski crystals
  • author's ceramics face mask
  • author's brass casting
  • ceramics beads
  • duck and grizzly feathers
Back side is genuine leather.

Average size of the necklace is about 6*3 inches (front side), height with feathers is ~13 inches.

Witch lives at the small green swamp deep in the forest. How old is she — nobody knows, her face doesn’t have any sign of age. Probably she is as old as her swamp does. People tell: sometimes you’re going through the forest and coming so close to the swamp that you can see it and put your hand into the water. But only a step closer — and you see nothing, it’s just like a smash, then you suddenly appear somewhere in the forest, far from she swamp. You don’t understand how you’ve got there, and only hear kinda tinkle bells laughing. Witch! — they say — she defends her swamp and doesn’t pass anybody there, there are should be some treasures! People don’t understand that the only treasure she keeps is wonderful swamp itself with its beautiful flowers, plants and animals which she protects against the greedy people. So does she scary Witch or a wisdom Keeper? It’s up to you.

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January, 2019

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