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The Horned One pagan witch necklace


The Horned One pagan witch necklace, Deer skull with flowers and Vegvisir necklace.

I called this necklace "Spirit of Northern Forest", or just "The Horned One". It's timed to coincide with the celebration of Yule, which is also known as rebirth of Horned God.

The Horned one necklace is made in the form of deer skull with antlers. I put Vegvisir between antlers, because this necklace is also about finding our way to Nature and to ourselves. The main idea I've tried to explain with this necklace is achieving the union with the nature for each human being. Skull is a symbol of death as well as flowers symbolise life, and together they represents whole circle of life. And Vegvisir above them it's an old Nordic symbol that helps of finding the way.

Skull is 4x2 inches in max dimensions, full bead embroidered, with natural Labradorite and glass flowers and leaves on the top.

Vegvisir is 2 inches in diameter, thread embroidered.

Antlers are made of woolen thread with wire frame, spacing between them is 7,5 inches.

Back side is genuine leather. The length is adjustable.

The necklace is single copy, without repeats.

September, 2018

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