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Undine Tales


Far far away, in the azure blue sea at the other end of the world, undines live. Charming maidens with fish tails, their beauty and sweet voices are mesmerizing sailors easily. Undine embraces the sailor's neck with her thin white hands and tells him her endless tales: about fancy ancient ships, about incredible beasts living in the sea depths, about the very bottom of the ocean where sun rays have never reached to and innumerable treasure chests on this bottom...
Listening to these sweet tales, sailor falls asleep - to never wake up. Sea bottom will become his bed, fishes cleanse his bones and green sea weed covers it as a blanket. And undine will look for another sailor - because most of all she loves to tell the tales.

"Undine Tales" is a large statement necklace made in mixed techniques. Base is made of felted wool, central part is bead embroidery, ship and octopus figures are made of polymer clay and electroformed with copper. The necklace contains:

  • big and beautiful Ophite
  • sea glass and shells
  • lampwork glass beads
  • author's bronze castings
  • hand-dyed silk
  • Czech glass beads, Japanese seed beads
Back side of embroidered part is genuine leather.

Heigth of the central part is 4 inches (10 cm). Total heigth is about 13 inches (33 cm). Length of the chain is adjustable.

August, 2020

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