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Upper World necklace


Upper world is the place where the souls of people and deers are living; only bird guide spirit can lead shaman there. Spirits of Upper world, headed by the mighty Ulgen, protect and help people; shaman asks them for prosperity, abundance and new life.

The Upper World necklace pattern is based on the drawings on shaman tambourines. Birds and deers are dwellers of the Upper world, Sun, Moon and stars are in the sky. World Tree in the center connects Upper world with other worlds, it also calls Shaman Arrow.
Gemstone is raw Dendrite with drawings of shaman tambourines.

Necklace is made of hand-dyed cotton and silk, back side is genuine leather. Adorned with beaded fringe with small tinkling bells.
Base is made of cotton by the traditional way of Siberian shamans.

Heigth of the necklace is 4 inches (10 cm) without fringe. Necklace buttons on the cherry wood button. Length is slightly adjustable due to three eyelets.

February, 2020

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